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Breakdown podcast mentioning proof of stake and ignoring Algo.

I was listening to Breakdown podcast on crypto today and it was about NYT article which was critical of Bitcoin. The NYT article mentioned that PoS is greener than PoW. The podcast host (who is a BTC maximalist) mentioned that PoW is inferior to PoS because someone with a lot of coins can influence the decisions of the blockchain network thus making it more centralized. I know ALGO is fixed this exact issue with PPoS. How can Algorand make this front and center of the arguments for its adoption in order for podcasters like these including it in their discussions? Or do you think the podcaster intentionally ignored Algo as a viable alternative to BTC due to him being a BTC maximalist?
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Tesla going algo? <1%

The initial decision made by Tesla in March to accept Bitcoin caused an outcry from environmentalists.
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Like that tweet

We are proud that @Algorand is carbon negative and offsets the very small environmental impact with wind, reforestation, and peatland sustainability projects around the globe. @Tesla could embrace sus...