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Another Exchange Not Allowing Withdrawal in Time for Governance

Greetings Just wanted to provide a thread for my Canadian brothers and sisters to comment on the actions of the Canadian exchange Newton and maybe get Algorand to offer them some help (like they did with Binance). Initially, I was thrilled when Newton made ALGO available. I loved the team/tech, was (and still am) bullish on it and had been contemplating joining another exchange to enable participation in the upcoming governance. Also, according to their "help", they stated most new items have a 1-2 week waiting period until funding/withdrawal is available. This was acceptable to me as it still left plenty of time to move my ALGO's and join in governance. I made my purchase and waited 2 weeks to withdraw. Well we are passed 3 weeks now and the latest news is that withdrawals will be available late Q4. That pretty much means Newton will be collecting governance rewards (at my and others expense) and allowing withdrawals afterwards. That's a pretty crappy play in my books so I am doing what little I can to bring awareness and hopefully change. Personally, I am thinking that if I can't move my ALGO by the end of the week, I will be removing all my coins from the exchange and move along to one that is less "dickish". Thanks for reading my rant!
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