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Alternatives to Plaid?

About a week ago, Plaid (the service that both [Binance.US](https://Binance.US) and Gemini use to make ACH withdrawals from your bank) stopped working for me. When I tried to make a deposit, it told me I needed to reconnect my bank account. When trying to reconnect it, I can get signed into my bank account (within Plaid) and it asks how I'd like my confirmation code, via text or email. No matter what I do, I get the code, Plaid does the verifying animation, and then it boots me back to the same screen asking me how I'd like to verify my account, via text or email. It'll do this infinitely. I reached out to Plaid support, and they said they are having issues specifically with my bank. This is what I was told: >Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry for this interruption to your application usage. > >We are currently running into an issue with our integration to \[my bank\], which is causing the verification loop that you're encountering. Our team is working to investigate and resolve this, but unfortunately given this particular issue it may take us a bit of time to resolve, and we don't have an estimate for when the connection may be fully restored. > > We understand the extent and impact of this on users and are doing everything we can, however there are many factors that contribute to a resolution, some of which may be outside of our direct control. > >That said, I will keep this request open and let you know as soon as we have a resolution in place! Thank you so much for your patience. If this connection is urgent, please reach out to your app(s) as they may have alternative options available. I reached out to [Binance.US](https://Binance.US) support explaining this and asked if there was anything they could do in the meantime, but to nobody's surprise, have not heard anything back. I don't want to eat the fees for making deposits with a debit card, and there are no other alternatives on either exchange I use - only ACH, wire transfers, or debit...
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