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AlgorandTipBot Testing

Hey everyone, there was recently a [discussion]( about building a tipping bot for Algorand, and I said I could potentially work on it. Well, here it is, I present to you /u/AlgorandTipBot. I built the main functionalities, and I now need your help to stress-test the shit out of it. I'll be running it for the rest of the weekend on the Testnet since I'm currently available to fix whatever comes up (I'll make a post once I take it offline). Depending on the outcome of this I'll see if it is reliable enough to be used on the Mainnet in the following days. I'd really appreciate if you could try using it a bit, since the more users the more bugs are potentially found. I'll be sending 0.5 (Mainnet) Algos to whoever finds a new bug, so I'm hoping I did a decent job. If you're willing to try it, here are instructions on how to set it up, get some free Testnet Algos, and the available commands : ## Get started To create a wallet for the service, just click on this [link]( and send the message. /u/AlgorandTipBot will send you a PM with your wallet information. Please not these down to be able to recover your wallet. To fund this wallet, head to the [testnet faucet](, paste the address that /u/AlgorandTipBot sent you, complete the Captcha, and voilà, you're rich. ## Commands ### Private messages When [sending a PM]( to /u/AlgorandTipBot, you can use these three commands : - `wallet` : /u/AgorandTipBot will send you back a message containing your wallet information i.e. your keys and your current balance - `tip ` `amount` has to be a floating point number `user` has to be a valid Reddit username `note` will be everything left in the message **...
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Good news :)

Algorand is teaming up with ClimateTrade to tackle carbon emissions.
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Algorand is Carbon Negative

On Earth Day 2021, the Algorand ecosystem is committing to reducing its environmental impact and providing a sustainable blockchain platform. To help achieve this, we are committing to Algorand being ...
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Staking In ALGO Will Go Away

But will be replaced with a different program, called the Governance Rewards, pending approval.  ALGO holders are most likely staking their ALGO in ALGO wallet or some other wallet and earning about 6...