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Algorand TPS

Hello Algonauts! I am excited about Algorand. Just purchased another 500 Algos and added to my wallet. Wondering if anyone can help me sort this out...I keep hearing about how fast Solana is and recently read this article: [Throughput Speed]( I believe Algorand is creating some innovations this year that will allow it to have even more TPS? This part of the technicals of speed is confusing and I am learning . Can anyone help me figure out the potential for Algorand to scale up? I am trying to find the theoretical max and also for this year how fast the Algo speed TPS can get, etc. ​ Thanks!
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Good news :)

Algorand is teaming up with ClimateTrade to tackle carbon emissions.
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Algorand is Carbon Negative

On Earth Day 2021, the Algorand ecosystem is committing to reducing its environmental impact and providing a sustainable blockchain platform. To help achieve this, we are committing to Algorand being ...
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Staking In ALGO Will Go Away

But will be replaced with a different program, called the Governance Rewards, pending approval.  ALGO holders are most likely staking their ALGO in ALGO wallet or some other wallet and earning about 6...