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Algorand: Reason's for optimism

​ Brief Overview **Team:** Perfect Blend of leading minds in cryptographers combined with true business leadership.  A. MIT cryptographers that are lead by [Silvio Micali](,  a Turing award winner and co-invented key consensus mechanism such as zero-knowledge proofs and randomized variable function.  \- Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Key mechanism on Ethereum  \- Randomized Variable function: Key mechanism on Cardano  *\*\*Algorand is now* *patent protecting and licensing* *their open-source code(pure-proof-of-stake) to prevent continued unauthorized use of their technology advancement. This will allow them to breaking away in this cryptographic arms-race.*  B. CEO, [Steve Kokinos]( Experience in partnering and working with multiple fortune 500 clients  \*Other blockchains lack this mix of leading developers and experienced business leaders. Both Cardano and Ethereum have this underlying problem. Ethereum can't give reliable deadlines which is a red flag and Cardano doesn't have a formalized business strategy team.  \*\*They're not very active on publicly campaigning which is key to driving network effect but instead they state that their technology will not only do their talking but allow longevity in the crypto space where many will fail. I find this concept quite professional and gives me comfort that I'm owning a professionally run business in a budding space. It also may be the reason why it's currently ignored by network driving platforms like twitter. **Consensus**: A. Pure-Proof-of-Stake \- A randomized lottery system which any Algo token holder can be a validator.  The next validator is totally randomized. This prevents centralizing features of the technology (Ex.BTC PoW so expensive that only few can be miners, ETH validators req 32 ETH which leads to very few validators compared to users)  \- Silvio Micali better explains this [concept here at 27:00 mark](https://...
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