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Algorand partners with Wyre, whom Stellar (XLM) invested 5 million into and whose board of directors includes Dennelle Dixon, XLM CEO. What’s going on here?

Wyre Partners with Algorand, Providing Simple Payment Solutions for Developers

Algorand developers will enjoy new integrations including easy fiat-to-crypto on ramping.

Wyre is pleased to announce our latest partnership with Algorand! Starting next month, developers on the Algorand blockchain will enjoy some of Wyre’s top offerings like our Checkout, Card Processing, and Swap APIs.

Thanks to this integration, developers will be able to offer their end-users near-instant payment processing solutions within applications. Not only do Wyre’s APIs support the native ALGO coin, but also USDT and USDC on Algorand.

Highlighting our mission to make crypto more accessible, users can interact with developer applications using their local fiat currency. Developers can integrate fiat-to-crypto payment methods in hours, streamlining their development time to bring apps to life.

Algorand assets will also be available via Wyre’s Checkout product — providing end-users with the ability to purchase Algorand assets quickly and easily with their debit card. Wyre’s Checkout API is utilised by many well-known platforms, providing Algorand with exposure to Wyre’s vast distribution network.

“Wyre is pleased to reveal our latest partnership with Algorand. Thanks to this partnership, developers can go to market sooner and provide their end users with enhanced functionality. We are looking forward to working closely with the Alogrand team in the coming weeks and months to provide their developer ecosystem with further resources so they can get building and broaden the Alogrand ecosystem even more.” says Wyre CEO Ioannis Giannaros

For more information about Wyre and how to integrate with our API, please visit the Website and developer documentation.

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