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Algorand Official Wallet does not use the standard BIP-39 Mnemonic Length

**Now, how do I import it to other wallets?** Instead, developers reinvented the wheel and went ahead to put another checksum (25th word). What I don't understand is that, the BIP39 spec already accounted the last word as the checksum. Seriously, other wallets/coins can be restored via the seed phrase to other wallets, provided that they all use the same derivation path, but Official Algorand Wallet went ahead and rained on that parade. What is the problem here? If you created an Algorand Wallet using the official app, you can only restore it on the same app. This is a dependency problem. You might as well just use other wallets that are interoperable but, you lose the Governance side of Algorand. Just a thought... 馃挕 ​ Source [](
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eToro just added Algorand

We just added $ALGO, $MATIC & $BAT 馃コDon't worry, we hear you loud and clear. There's more crypto to come 馃槈鈥 eToro (@eToro) June 21, 2021
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Morgan Stanley invests in Securitize

(Bloomberg) -- Startup Securitize Inc., which is developing a blockchain platform for investors to buy and sell shares in closely held companies and other assets, gathered $48 million in a fundraising...