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Algorand as payment

Hello there, I'm a software developer (mainly using Symfony framework) and I'm currently working on a personal project which consists of a simple donation form and a back-office to keep track of the donations. I was thinking of implementing Algorand as a payment just to play around. After few research, it seems that there's no PHP SDK. I found a JS SDK that I could use (maybe I'll try to implement that in a later version and the browser AlgoSigner extension to sign). My first approach is to generate a QR Code using the URI scheme. IMO, that's the simplest and "friendlier" way to propose Algorand as payment. So basically, there's nothing complicated there but my question was about the transaction Id on the blockchain. Obviously, I won't be able to get it since the payment will be initiated through the donor app by scanning the QR Code. From what I found, using the URI scheme means that I'll be able to pass a message through a parameter. So my first thought was to send the transaction UUID from my app in the message parameter so I'll be able to link the transaction from the blockchain with the one in my app. But after more research, it seems that the AlgoExplorer API do not return any transaction when you call the method /v2/accounts/{address}. There's a method to retrieve pending transactions but it seems that there's no method to get a list of transaction from a specific address. So here I am. I was wondering if anyone had implemented Algorand as a payment as describe above and if so, did you manage to get the transaction id ? Otherwise, if anyone has suggestion on how I should handle this, I'd be grateful. Thank you for your time.
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