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Algorand (ALGO) Recognized by Goldman Sachs and Forbes as Good Project (TheCurrencyAnalytics)

**Article:** [****]( The application of cryptography to blockchain prevents an adversary from altering the content of a block or the order of blocks. Algorand uses cryptography for [cryptographic sortition]( Before generating the next block, the consensus is achieved on the current block.  The agreement on blocks is fast at 4.5 seconds. After the agreement, they begin working on the next block of transaction. Since every partnership gets agreed, the blockchain never forks, and new variations do not come from the blockchain.  So, adding blocks happen quickly with finality. Thus, the fork issue is done away with. Anyone who pays in ALGO will be able to ship the goods right away, as any block produced will stay on the chain forever. If there is a 2/3 majority, it is an honest majority. Algorand includes zero-knowledge proofs, and they guarantee the integrity of a joint computation. For clarity, Algorand launched in June 2019.  They produce blocks in less than 5 seconds every single time. There has never been an outage or a stopping, nor has there been a calling back.  New blocks are minted with greater resilience.  Algorand has baked into their very code the ability to change their mechanism in a consensual way.  Thus, contributing to a lot of good features. They have already upgraded their system several times, like the Layer 1 smart contract and several other intelligent adaptation to changing circumstances. Thus, fulfilling the needs of customers, members, and the community. Therefore, upgrading in a consensual way each time. Algorand (ALGO) Community Excitement: Even Forbes thinks Algorand is a ...
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