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Algo v. ETH Long Term?

Algorand is clearly superior to Ethereum in every way today except for adoption (ethereum has been around longer and has more users). Personally I have very little faith in the ethereum team. The fact they screwed up the initial implementation which required hard forking says it all. And ethereum 2.0 sounds promising I guess but It seems to be dragging on and on? Algorand is ready to rock and roll right now. However, the best technology does not always win out. Ethereum has the advantage of legacy name recognition. And assuming Ethereum 2.0 actually gets delivered and isn’t a pile of garbage (that’s a big if), what happens to competitors like Algorand then? I believe Algorand will be much more attractive to establishment types (banks, governments, big corporations, etc.) and serious parties given the incredible team, tech and partnerships behind it. But there’s a lot to be said for name recognition and existing adoption. So long term what’s the case for Algo over Ethereum assuming eth successfully transitions to PoS? What would drive both existing long term vs a winner take all situation? Would each have particular niches / features that attract certain types of users to one over the other? I’d like to hear more from people who have thought about this and also understand both projects.
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