Alchemon Packs: Pre-register now!

self.AlgorandOfficial1m ago
Alchemon is the first Play-to-Earn NFT game on Algorand. We are the 5th place Algo NFT project, with over 30,000 NFT sales transactions on-chain and a community of over 3500. Now is your chance to get into Alchemon! Packs are the best value, as they contain 6 NFT Cards for 22A with a guaranteed Rare Alchemon. You can preregister for packs on our Discord now: []( Discord preregistration ends in less than 48 hours, but there will be 2 Instant Shuffles on Thursday that will be linked on our socials. Come have some fun in the bear market. Open, stake and evolve your Alchemon! Check out our website, pick up some NFTs and download the beta: Full game/pack details on website/discord.