About You, one of Germany's largest online fashion retailers, chose Algorand as the underlying technology for its Metaverse

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Website: [hypewear.io](https://t.co/9RFPlHh7Pm) (Digital fashion shop, buy NFTs and wear them) Start of the registration phase April 12, 2022. Anyone interested can sign up for a free and will receive a coupon code for a free, strictly limited NFT Fashion Piece at the launch of the alpha version in the next two months. Source: [https://fashionunited.de/nachrichten/einzelhandel/mit-hypewear-ins-metaverse-about-you-eroeffnet-plattform-fuer-digitale-mode/2022041246072](https://fashionunited.de/nachrichten/einzelhandel/mit-hypewear-ins-metaverse-about-you-eroeffnet-plattform-fuer-digitale-mode/2022041246072) Translated: Hamburg-based e-commerce specialist About You Holding SE is breaking new ground with a store for digital fashion. On its Hypewear platform, "fashion NFTs for the masses" will be offered in the future, the company announced on Tuesday. With its focus on the largest possible target group, Hypewear is "one of the pioneers in the market," the online fashion retailer explained: "According to the motto 'From Tech to Human,' NFTs will not only be affordable for digital fashion fans, but also accessible without crypto knowledge." According to About You, registration is open now, and the alpha version of the new platform is expected to go live "in the next two months." Hypewear will then offer "an assortment of luxury and streetwear from leading 3D fashion and graphic designers, as well as classic brands from the fashion, sports, music and gaming sectors," the company explained. After the opening, digital designs would be "launched weekly in limited drops with exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces on Hypewear." Co-CEO Müller: "We want to become the destination for digital fashion and the mainstream wardrobe of the metaverse" Tarek Müller, co-founder and co-CEO of About You, explained the project, "The Metaverse has opened up an exciting new world for businesses and fashion, which we at About You also want to help shape. With Hypewear, we are bringing our brand into the digital world and enabling everyone to be a part of it from now on," he said in a statement. "Our vision is that all physical fashion pieces can also be used as digital assets in the future. We want to become the destination for digital fashion and the mainstream wardrobe of the metaverse." The company responded to pervasive criticism of the environmental impact of the underlying blockchain technology by choosing Algorand as its blockchain partner: its process is "fast, scalable, secure, and CO2-negative to boot," emphasized Chris Nickel, who serves as director of content at About You. "Algorand can process thousands of transactions per second with transaction costs in the micro-cent range, unlike Ethereum, for example. This allows us to offer mining of NFTs to our customers for free - with no gas fees," Nickel explained.