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A couple more questions about minting/creating NFTs on Algorand....

So I saw the extremely helpful and useful threads [here]( and [here]( about how to mint/create NFTs on Algorand. I remember looking for similar info several months ago and there was almost nothing, I so impressed at how quickly this is developing! I have a few more questions which relate to the NFT project I have in mind, it would be awesome if anyone could help... 1. Let's say I want to create 100 unique tokens, I assume the only way to do it at this point is to create all of them individually/manually. I understand I can bulk create 100 of the same token, but as of yet there's no platform to speed up the process for projects with many unique tokens (like I believe you can do on OpenSea, for example). 2. The idea I have for my NFT project involves adding to it over time - I guess the the proof that the token is original/part of the project and not someone's rip off would be the creator address on AlgoExplorer (and that it matches the first/original tokens)? Obviously assuming it gets popular haha TIA
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