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5 reasons you should use the official Algorand Wallet [AlgoDaddy]

Official Algorand Wallet

In this short article I'll explain the benefits of using the official Algorand Wallet, which is distributed by the Algorand Inc. I'll go over 5 reasons why it's superior to other alternatives and why you should use it. I'll also teach you where to download it securely and how to set it up for the first time.

If you're completely new to Algorand it's advisable to read this guide I wrote about Algorand for beginners before you start setting up a wallet.

The official Algorand Wallet is a crypto wallet. In a nutshell a crypto wallet is a software wallet, because it loads your account into the software and displays it through the application. Sometimes it's known as "hot storage" of your cryptocurrencies (compared to "cold storage", which is a hardware wallet, i.e a Ledger Nano). You can read more about crypto wallets in this article on Business Insider.

Download the Algorand Wallet

Download the application directly from either the official website, or through Google Play or Apples AppStore in order to avoid scams and fake applications. Use the links provided below:

Download the Algorand Wallet for iOS - AppStore Download the Algorand Wallet for Android - Google Play Download the Algorand Wallet for PC - Official Algorand Wallet Website

How to set it up

After you have downloaded the wallet you need to set it up. If you haven't used a previous Algorand wallet you need to start by creating one. If you do have a previous wallet on the Algorand blockchain you can chose to import it to the Algorand Wallet with your seed phrase.

1. Choose a 6 digit passcode that will unlock this wallet. You can also use biometric options.

2. Press "Add Account" to add an account to your wallet. Now you will get your 25 word key phrase (also known as seed phrase). Write these down on a paper and store somewhere secure.

3. Now verify your passphrase. Name your wallet if you like, it's optional. Now pres...

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