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2021-08-19 NOTICE: Algorand's official mobile wallet currently experiencing synchronization issue

A number of our members have made posts about transactions not properly showing up in the mobile wallet, or transactions failing. Even ASA and smart contract related. This is due to a synchronization issue the developers are working on. Please do not panic. Go to []( and type in your account address to check if your Algo and ASA are there where they are supposed to be. **What's this about?** The mobile wallet does not directly act as a node to the blockchain. Instead, it synchronizes to server nodes in the cloud, which act as relays between it and the blockchain. Your wallet only stores your private keys and use that to sign transactions. Those transactions then get passed onto the nodes, who transmit it to the rest of the blockchain, until eventually (4.5s) get included in the next block. The wallet also needs to synchronize down the state of your account, in case your account received Algo. Currently, the synchronization connection between the wallet and the nodes seems to be suffering some problems, causing issues. Furthermore, the mobile wallet has some client-side logic meant to prevent errors on the client, but this in turn is causing some confusion now. For example, even if your account might have 100 Algo, if the client thinks your account only has 10 Algo, it will raise an error about insufficient funds if you try to transfer more than that. Even if the transaction would have been successful. As always, make sure you have your seed phrases (the human readable version of your private keys) written down and stored some place SAFE. Physically written down on paper or something, **not** stored in your computer. **Does this mean Algorand is not secure and/or centralized???** No, Algorand itself is not centralized or not secure. Your accounts exist in the collective memory of the blockchain, shared among the nodes participating in the consensus. They do not exist in your phone. Even if your phone were to be ...
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