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AirSwap Token Buyers Guide – AirSwap Blog

Originally, we planned to run the whitelist registration for just over two days starting Wednesday, October 4th at 10AM and ending on Friday, October 6th at 4:00PM. After the first 24 hours we saw 18,361 total submissions and were forced to close the whitelist registration early to ensure that we’d be able to process them on time. After processing every last submission, our final numbers are as follows:

Total submissions: 18,361Completed submissions: 13,877Accepted submissions: 12,719

To check that your Ethereum address has been whitelisted, please visit Processing is complete, and we are unable to make additional changes or updates to the whitelist at this time. Only whitelisted addresses will be able to participate in the following sales. Prior to each sale, we’ll post a notice in Telegram and send you a friendly email reminder.

All sales are held at

Main Token Sale (10/10)

When: October 10, 201710:10:10AM to 9:10:10AM Eastern Time (23 Hours)

The Main Token Sale is a capped sale running on the AirSwap token launcher platform. The amount is calculated as follows:

42,000,000 AST available for sale12,719 registered participants3,300 individual AST purchase limit (3.3 ETH)No minimum purchase L(AST) Chance Sale (10/11)

When: October 11, 201710:10:10AM ET to 12:12:12 PM ET (2 Hours)

The L(AST) Chance Sale is an uncapped sale running on the AirSwap token launcher platform. The total amount for the sale is dependent on the number of tokens that weren’t sold in the main sale on October 10th or beta tester sale on October 9th.

Buyer Tutorials

To participate in the sale, navigate to at the time of sale. Do NOT send ether to any address or navigate to any other URL to participate in the AirSwap token sale. The AirSwap Token launch application runs on the Web and requires an extension like MetaMask or Parity.

Option 1: MetaMask

MetaMask is a Ch...

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