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September AMA with Roi Nam, CEO of Airbloc

Below is a translated version of the AMA held in Korean Kakao Airbloc Community on 17 September!

TLDR: CEO Roi Nam answered questions related to token utility, token value, technology development, business development and the future of Airbloc.

Can you give us a hint about business expansion plans Global expansion. I was at US last week and will be leaving to Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan today. In Taiwan, we will discuss with large overseas partners about the practical use of Airbloc Protocol. The second is blockchain technology. At present, our development team has been developing cutting edge side-chain technologies. We are receiving a lot of love call from several large corporations in Korea and will continue to develop this technology. Business expansion of our parent company. AB180, our parent company is getting lots of attention and interest from big companies as well, and I hope to share you our good news soon. Will you announce additional partnerships in the future?

Yes, of course!

We already have many partnerships. However, we do not disclose them at an early stage because many of the partnerships are related to actual product launches, so we will only share them at the right time.

Several large partnerships are being pursued currently. Soon we will announce data partnerships, blockchain technology partnerships, global partnerships and investment-related partnerships.

What is the most difficult thing when you expand the business?

The most difficult thing to consider in terms of business expansion is the study of current data-related regulations.

It requires much effort for us to study the country’s data regulation as each jurisdiction’s regulation differs.

So while Airbloc is designed for global adoption, we need to ensure that our products can be legally permitted for usage.

In the end, it is essential to make a data marketplace that conforms to the regulations of each country.

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