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Recent AMA Responses by CEO Roi Nam - worth giving it a look ;-)

Airbloc Q1 2019 Community AMA Responses with CEO Roi Nam

Below is a translated version of the AMA questions and answers conducted in Korean communities in January 2019!

TLDR: Airbloc CEO Roi Nam answered questions related to adoption, technology development, business development, and the future of Airbloc.

Business Related Questions What is the business model of Airbloc?

Airbloc’s business model is simple, we provide Airbloc’s data exchange services to enterprises at a flat fee or for a subscription fee. In the future, we plan to integrate both Airbloc and Airbridge’s services together into a unified data platform that allows for data exchange (1st, 2nd and 3rd Party data), customer data segmentation, and marketing attribution analytics based on big data.

Also, another point to note is that Airbloc is actually backed by an existing big data and marketing technology company that is already generating revenue and working with enterprises. Cash flow issues are common problems faced by blockchain start-ups who have yet to figure out a revenue generation model and as such many are laying off their employees to cut costs.

But for Airbloc, we do not face such cash flow issues, and we are actively hiring in our company.

If the market is efficient, the intrinsic value of ABL token should be related to the value of the data in the long run. In other words, if the value of the data the company requires is large and the price of the token is low, it means there’s a problem somewhere. I wonder whether do you think the the current ABL token price fully reflects the value of the data, and how it can be reflected in the future.

For the token price to fully reflect the value of the data, the utility of the token itself must ensure the purchase of the data, the quantitative supply of the data. This is the first step. This step will be the easiest way, because we can collect a lot of data and make the consumer buy it with ABL token.

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