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Q3–4 Development Progress and Codes Released on Github!

Development Progress Since July 2018

For the past few months, our development team has been crunching and rigorously testing out thousands of codes related to the features in our overall network and back-end technology architecture to ensure that every feature in Airbloc is able to function and interact with each other.

After almost half a year of development and private testing, Airbloc’s codes are now released in the Official Airbloc GitHub!

Our development priorities have been on our back-end features, chiefly categorized into the following major overarchs:

Data Management and Warehouse | Identity Data Management | Data Relay, Exchange and Export | Airbloc Web and Mobile SDKs | Airbloc APIs | Aero Sidechain Development | Airbloc Node Development | Development Language Migration from Python to Golang | Data Management and Warehouse Implemented data warehousing functionality. Introduced Bundle system for storing data — A bundle is a set of data records belonging to the same category. Data on Airbloc will be registered and stored as a bundle altogether, instead of being stored separately. Enhanced data ID representation — Data ID is now represented by <Bundle ID>/<User ANID> , which allows easier user-centric data management. Integrated data streaming through gRPC stream — This allows efficient data ingestion and further ability to integrate with continuous data pipeline. Improved bulk data management system by introducing Batch concept — Batch is a cached set of data record IDs, which enables more memory-efficient data handling by using trie-like data structure. Integrated data warehouse with DataRegistry smart contract. Integrated data warehouse with our meta-database, BigchainDB. Implemented Amazon S3 storage driver and protocol — essential for integrating Airbloc into Airbridge’s back-end data pipeline. Identity Data Management Implemented Account Management System — Users can now use Airbloc (e.g. control their ow...
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