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Airbloc Partners Korea’s Largest Media Big Data Company

Airbloc Partners Korea’s Largest Media Big Data Analysis Company Airbloc and Bflysoft formed a partnership after both companies found mutual synergies for media data usage.

Bflysoft is South Korea’s largest media big data collection and analytics company having the most extensive media reach with over 1,600 integrated partners ranging from newspapers, TV broadcasting channels, online news, and social media platforms. Today, Bflysoft boasts an impressive slate of over 1,500 enterprise clients and government agencies including Samsung electronics, Hyundai, SK Telecom, Michelin, and Korea’s National Police Agency.

Bflysoft leverages AI, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide their clients with user behavior prediction and data visualization, keyword detection, emotional analysis and personalized content curation recommendation.

Kyunghwan Im, CEO of Bflysoft(left) and Roi Nam, CEO of ab180/Airbloc(right)

Through this partnership, Airbloc will be integrating Bflysoft’s vast media big data into its ecosystem. One specific data set useful to Airbloc would be user reading behaviour. As such, Airbloc and Bflysoft will actively cooperate on the development of user behavior data analysis based on the collected media data.

Additionally, this partnership would allow Airbloc to tap into Bflysoft’s extensive partnerships with over 1,600 leading media platforms in Korea to expand its ecosystem of data providers, data consumers, and data refineries.

P.S did you also know that Airbloc is already partnered with Korea’s 2nd Largest Financial Newspaper Agency? Read more on the partnership and use cases HERE.

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Airbloc is an enterprise-grade data infrastructure for transparent user data collection, monetization and exchange. A project that aims to realize true enterprise adoption, it has lined up large enterprises who will use its data infrastructure such as GS Shop — Korea’s largest e-commerce platform and The ...

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