Airbloc Appoints New Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

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Airbloc Appoints New Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer

We are pleased to announce that our existing staff Hunjae Jung and Wonkyung Lyu have been promoted to the roles of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer respectively.

Hunjae’s promotion from Backend Engineering Team Leader to Chief Technology Officer is an acknowledgement of his distinguished contribution to the company’s core technologies. Hunjae was especially instrumental in architecting and scaling the company’s backend data collection, processing, filtering, analytics, and serving capabilities. To provide a visualization of the scale, our company’s data collection layer successfully collected 13B+ (13,183,779,175) rows of real-time user activities data from 38M+ (38,149,803) mobile devices in the past 1 year.

Hunjae’s most prominent contribution was in leading the development of an Identity Resolution Engine to help unify fragmented user identity data collected from multiple devices and platforms through our Mobile and Web SDKs. This is an important technology pillar for Airbloc as data collected from multiple devices and platforms have to be mapped to a single persistent user identity to prevent duplication, and to ensure that the data exchanged between enterprises is unified under a common shared user identity.

With his new appointment as CTO, Hunjae will lead the Engineering Division consisted of both front-end, back-end, blockchain engineers, and SDK engineers to continuously innovate and develop new technologies. He will also work closely with the CEO and Chief Product Officer to develop technical strategies for Airbloc’s product development.

Wonkyung’s transition from Development Team Leader to CISO comes at a crucial moment in time where cybersecurity threats are rife. The imperative is stronger given the fact that as a big data analytics company, there is a need to ensure data and information security to prevent any leakage of sensitive data. Furthermore, especially since Airbloc is involved in the process of data collection and exchange, preventing unwarranted data loss or security infringements in Airbloc’s data pipeline is of utmost importance.

With his new appointment as CISO, Wonkyung will lead the Security & Privacy division. He responsibilities include, but are not limited to: keeping abreast with latest security threats, developing counter-risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring that the entire organization’s security architecture, software, hardware, network assets, and products are designed with the best security practices and safeguards.