Airbloc and weBloc Partners to form a decentralized advertising ecosystem for enterprise adoption

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Airbloc and weBloc Partners to form a decentralized advertising ecosystem for enterprise adoption

Airbloc and weBloc reached a strategic partnership after both projects found mutual synergies for data usage in advertisements.

Airbloc is an enterprise-grade data infrastructure for legitimate and transparent personal data collection, monetization and exchange. Airbloc provides data consumers with both quality and quantity for their business intelligence, research and targeted marketing.

weBloc is a blockchain-based advertisement ecosystem consisting of advertisers, ad platforms, ad publishers and ad consumers. A project backed by AD4TH Insight, a company with a dominant presence in the digital advertising industry focusing on helping enterprises with their advertisement execution — through their deep integrations with enterprise advertisers, ad platforms and publishers.

The partnership will result in the following outcomes:

1. Airbloc’s data exchange, Databloc, will integrate weBloc’s advertisement execution feature as an additional function. With this advertisement execution function, enterprise data consumers on Airbloc and weBloc can now purchase legitimately collected data on Databloc, and proceed to smoothly execute their targeted advertising campaigns via weBloc’s list of advertising platforms and networks. 2. Since weBloc owns both ICO Rank and CryptoBell, a South Korean leading blockchain and cryptocurrency news site, Airbloc will be onboarding both websites as data providers by integrating Airbloc’s Web SDK into their website. Once integrated, visitors of these sites would be able to choose if they would like to monetize their data on Airbloc.

Airbloc’s data infrastructure are designed for real-world adoption by enterprises, websites, applications and individuals. The integration of an advertisement execution feature on Databloc will increase the appeal of Airbloc for enterprise advertisers, and the integration of Airbloc’s Web SDK will help drive greater public adoption of Airbloc’s data infrastructure.

“This opportunity allows weBloc to expand its blockchain advertising ecosystem based on Airbloc’s user data,” said Joonhong, CEO of weBloc

Praising weBloc’s deep industry expertise in advertising, Roi Nam, CEO of Airbloc said “weBloc is doing an excellent online advertisement network business.” Leveraging weBloc’s networks, “Airbloc can now strengthen the utility of its data to be more actionable — in this case for easier targeted advertising.”

By combining the strong synergies between Airbloc’s data infrastructure and weBloc’s advertising prowess, we will be able to reach greater mass adoption!

Welcome to the Airbloc family, weBloc!