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ICYMI: Latest Updates - January 19

* [Staking]( is live: [\>93MM]( AION staked currently (\~20% total supply, \~24% circulating supply). Interface feature upgrades are expected soon. Also check out [AionSmartStake]( and [BloxBean]('s latest tools and dashboard features. * Transactions, addresses, and hash power on [main net]( have all been on an uptrend since [Unity]( launch. * []( has >5000 users and added >65k txs to the main net ([1](, [2](, [3](, [4]( to date. * [VivoPago]( has been testing [its token]( on Amity test net over the last 6 weeks. * The OAN's long-term [research partnership]( with UWaterloo on private transactions will be interesting to watch develop on the new live [Tetryon test net]( * The [Open Economy Kit]( (used by Velocia and VivoPago) public release is expected soon, with more Open Kit and [Custom Kit]( additions planned for release throughout the year. * The Foundation's latest [transparency report]( shows a runw...
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