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AION Showcases - May 2019

Showcase — May 30, 2019 Showcases are a monthly recurring set of presentations to create information symmetry both internally and externally.

Learn more about why we make showcases public here 👇

What is a Showcase

Showcases are an opportunity for Aion Foundation teams to share progress they’ve made in the previous four week period. They come prepared with talking points in a consumable group format that covers a 10 minute period (presentation, demo, etc.) In attendance are the members of the presenting “pod” and all “pod leads”.

Itinerary 15 min — present/demo what you’ve accomplished in the previous 4-week period, snapshot of what’s coming in the next 4 weeks. 15 min — Q/A with leads

Disclaimer: Some of this content are in early stages of exploration and as a result are not always commitments to outcomes. Much of the content is sourced across the Aion ecosystem and is not controlled or managed by the Aion Foundation. Not all questions have answers immediately and teams take those questions back with them. Notes are not exhaustive and are purposefully raw, it is our hope that summaries and higher fidelity highlights will be generated by those who are interested in curating this.

As of this Showcase, Accelerating Adoption and Developer Success have merged to form “Ecosystem” and the AVM Production team did not present due to their launch schedule for the AVM on Mainnet.

Showcase — May 30, 2019 Talking Points

Education - Productizing docs is at second phase, we have a semi live version for internal sharing this week - Walkthrough of the new docs - Docs Migration is moving from README to GitHub, Github is referenced through a HUGO CMS to display the content - Conferences were productive - Stack overflow organic traffic is climbing - New content coming in for the docs, Quickstarts, API content, and more. - Updates that are reactive and require updating to docs are included in the coming sprint.

Integrations ...

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