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#**The Open Application Network (OAN): Solving the unintended consequences of platform economies** * The OAN's launch announcement - []( * The OAN's vision to solve Platform Problems - []( * The OAN's Q3 2019 Transparency Report - []( --- ##**FAQs** * **What is The Open Application Network (OAN)?** >The OAN is the open-source public blockchain infrastructure aiming to solve Platform Problems through Open Apps. * **What is AION?** >AION is the digital asset underlying The OAN to pay for network use (deploy and run Open Apps; transaction fees) and to reward miners and stakers for securing the network. * **What are Platform Problems?** >Much of the power of the internet is controlled by multi-billion dollar companies that operate as platforms for multiple stakeholders (e.g. consumers, producers, advertisers) to do business. Given the incentives for profits, and without a neutral playing field, we are starting to see problems arise when platform stakeholder interests become misaligned with platform company profits. Open Apps allow existing and new businesses to leverage the security, transparency, and permissionless features of blockchain to their applications without a steep learning curve. * **What are Open Apps?** >They are programs that operate on The OAN independent of platforms, but can also work with platforms and each other as a neutral source of trust (i.e. smart contracts on a public blockchain network). * **What are Open Kits?** >They are purpose-built software developer kits, including APIs and smart contract templates, that make building Open Apps fast and easy for developers. ##**Latest Media** * **Print** * New York Times and National Post Full-page Ad - [tw...
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