TML 9 The Internet of Languages

1M Ago
​ [TML - The Internet of Languages ]( If you write in TML a translator, let's say from C to Python, you don't need to write additional translators from Python to C, it's already been implied from the TML program. You will not get the same C program back, if you translate C to Python back to C, you won't get the same program back. But you will get some translator for free. I cannot promise that it will be supported for TML as is. Maybe we will need to, maybe for unrestricted sublanguages of TML it will be possible, we are not there yet, but that's the idea. \- Ohad Asor, Founder and CTO of Tau 🚀 **#python** **#translators** **#internetoflanguages** **#tml** **#taumetalanguage** **#programming** **#free** **#tauchain** **#tau** **#idni**