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Tau Chain Monthly Update Video - September

[]( Ohad \- Dragan completed support for equalities and inequalities \- Ohad discovered a way to compare integers in BDD which Dragan implemented **- Proof extraction completed, including negation support.** It's still yet to support other features like equalities, compulsion of integers, referencing tempo in relation symbols and parsing the proof for the next program. **- Basic Conjuntive Query Containment done.** Still yet to be supported are negation, equalities and inequalities. Negation support is challenging \- Preliminary CQC related optimizations have been implemented. They've not yet yielded performance improvements. More work is needed here. \- 7 main things to do: support arithmetic, built ins, compound terms, self interpreter, first order formulas, reordering BDDs and tree extraction. \- Looking for another TML dev, UI/UX dev and QA manager. Tomas \- Updated error handling so you no longer required to exit the program to check errors \- Serializing TML result binary payload \- Everything works except one issue about executing TML in browser \- Adding description features and using networking API from monitoring Andre \- Built an messaging server so files can be exchanged over it \- Encryption and certificate authorization will be added next week \- Moving to p2p very organically Fola \- Building internally so we're ready to form strong partnerships \- 2 more people in a trial phase \- Another company handling the Logo **- Taking the necessary steps to organize work around this project into one cohesive professional unit and preparing for the next phase** **- Whitepaper is almost done and hopefully can be presented within a month**
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