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[SUMMARY] Monthly Video Update - September 2020

Transcript of the Tau-Chain & Agoras Monthly Video Update – September 2020 Karim: We’ve had a very busy and productive month in September. The biggest news is that we added two very valuable members to our team: Mark Reynolds & Murisi Tarusenga. As for a quick overview of the progress: Fola, Mo’az & Andrei have been working hard on the Agoras Live website and almost got it feature-complete in terms of the interface. The only next big task with Agoras Live is the payment gateway. We’ve already started working on that. On the TML side, Murisi & Mark hit the ground running and Ohad assigned them each major functionality in TML. Juan has finished testing the first order logic and proof execution. He’s now working on the second order logic Horn formulas. He’ll attack the Krom formulas next. Umar has made huge progress on the parsing side. He added support for EBNF (–Naur_form) which is a standard way of specifying syntax and that’s going to be supported in TML now and we’re integrating that with the rest of the TML engine. Tomas put a lot of effort into the TML demos and it’s looking almost like we are starting with an integrated development environment (IDE) for TML. Mark: I’m primarily a programming language theorist although I’ve also done a significant amount of work on cryptography and security. Most of my focus has been on type theory and model theory. I think that it hopefully will allow me to make contributions to the ongoing work of the chain. Murisi: I’m specialist in programming language design, domain specific languages and meta programming. I’m excited to contribute to TML and I hope to be contributing especially in the areas to do with self-definition, self-evaluation and self-interpretation as that is a requirement of the TML programming language. Tomas: In September, we have found some new bugs which were introduced with the change of the character from two bytes to one byte. So I was fixing these b...
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