Round 6 - Machine Learning AI vs. Logical AI

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​ [Machine Learning AI vs. Logical AI]( There are two main kinds of AI. One is machine learning which everyone had learn about, and there is another kind which is less known which is logical AI. Machine learning is probabilistic nature and it is only about learning for examples. So if you want to say do not send private data over the network, are you going to show in your network many examples of programs that do send private data over the network and many examples of a program that do not send private data over the network and then maybe just maybe, in some probability, your software will be secure or you just want to say the thing as it is, you don't need examples, you just say the thing don't send private data over the network. And that's why logical AI is much more suitable for this course other than machine learning. I believe that the next wave of AI is indeed going to be logical AI. - Ohad Asor, Founder & CTO of Tau **#machinelearning** **#probability** **#logical** **#learning** **#tau** **#ai** **#network** ​ Watch it: 🚀