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Why people and businesses will use AE (a post by Emma in the telegram channel)

Emma: A bit of a long read for Telegram, but bear with me.  To address the question about whether anyone is going to use aeternity as their blockchain solution (rather than, say, Ethereum), I’m going to eek a little more mileage out of my slightly-laboured recent analogy about how most blockchains are in their infancy, and how their proper development in the early years depends largely on having stable, nurturing, focused, and dedicated development team “parents”.  Here goes… When raising children, there’s a few learned behaviours that are vitally important to them growing into decent adults.  Using the bathroom, for example.  Going to bed.  Eating properly.  Playing nicely with others; sharing and not being selfish; being able to adapt to changing circumstances; listening and communicating.  We all, I’m sure, can remember back to our own childhoods and how awful it was to be around a kid who was selfish, wouldn’t listen, was unable to cope with changes in environment, and who seemed to exist in his or her own private bubble, oblivious to the world around them.  They probably didn’t have many friends – at least, not for long – and they probably didn’t have much of a future unless they changed their ways. Blockchains, thankfully, don’t need to be toilet-trained, nor do they refuse to go to bed for months on end and make mommy develop a habit of secretly guzzling a bottle of red wine at six o’clock every evening so she doesn’t have a mental breakdown.  But they do need to play nicely with others, and they need to share.  They need to listen and communicate, and they need to be able to adapt to whatever life throws at them.  Just like people. Unfortunately, almost every live blockchain today – Bitcoin, Ethereum, you name it – hasn’t had these important life skills built in from an early stage of development.  They can’t adapt without having tantrums.  They can’t share.  They can’t listen to information from the outside world and work with it.  And they’re growing in...
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