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It's weird, why many subaccount exist after base aepp creates a new account

I'm totally confusing with this android app. the version is v0.21.0 Follow these steps: 1.create a new account with password set. 2.add a new subaccount then there'are totally 2 (I think that these account derive from the same main private key so they belong to one account). 3.logout the current account. 4.create a second account. 5.then you can see this new account has 3 subaccount. This is really confusing, in my opinion the newly created account should have only one default subaccount, It makes me think that the #1 and #2 subaccount belong to the previous one, only #3 belongs to the 2nd account. Actually, they should be all subaccount of the 2nd, because no password is set. I think base aepp can only support opening one account at the same time, which means, if I want to open the previous account, I have to restore it. But why it automatically creates 3 subaccount for a new account, it should have nothing to do with the previous one.
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