I will attend the Blockchainhotel Conference in Essen Germany at 16.09, where our Aeternity Community Manager will attend and want to keep you updatet.

self.Aeternity5y ago
Like the title says, I just wanted to let you know, that I will attend the conference in germany, because I live in the city next to it and thought, well this could be my only chance to meet someone of the aeternity team. I am hyped for major announcements from our community manager Vladislav Dramaliev. I will attend the conference from 8:30 MET to midnight, but Vladislav will speak at 14:45 MET. so stay tuned then. As the conference is a closed round and tickets cost 230 Euro, I am pretty sure it won't get livestreamed and that it is forbidden to livestream it, but I will hope to post some pictures of him/his presentation with the important facts. See you until saturday community! If you feel like to give me a donation after I did my job: BTC: 1CtBb1UrNPDY7GVCSTSoWLGkLiu8P4EXX9 ETH/ERC-20: 0x85E3a3Ee70B5E7f9Bb3892f6868d17a2cDf0f3EC