Discussion: Lets Have A Concerted Approach On Getting AE On Exchanges?

self.Aeternity5y ago
Hey. So I am thinking, the current exchanges that trade AE are simply not enough and keep us artificially low profile. AE is down, the entire market is down, so this does not really count. We are currently somewhere in the 50-60th place on CMM, I think even with this very early status we should be more in the 30-40 range, maybe even 20, considering what else is hanging out there. Here is the deal/question: I am wondering how we can push AE. - Who has infos on what exchanges are susceptible to users asking for specific coins to be listed? - What other ways are there for us to get AE on exchanges, even if its just minor exchanges? I remember one exchange, where people could submit coins for public votes on them? What do you guys think?