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Can I still migrate my ERC-20 tokens for AE tokens?

I have around 1000 ERC-20 AE tokens that I bought two years ago and completely forgot to migrate to the mainnet AE tokens. I just found out that the deadline was earlier this week (2 September). On the website it says: >***What happens if I don’t migrate or forget to migrate?*** > >After migration Phase 3 ends (September 2, 2019) all ERC20 AE tokens will become non-transferable on the Ethereum network. Users or exchanges will not be able to make transactions with them and they will effectively be “burnt”. > >However, it will still be possible to receive Mainnet AE tokens, but the process will become more complex and will require that: > > > >the AE tokens are not managed by a smart contract (multi-signature address on Ethereum, for ex.), > >the user/exchange has access to the private key(s) / seed(s) / passphrase(s) of the ETH address(es) that stores the ERC20 AE tokens. My ERC-20 AE tokens are on my Ledger Nano S. Will I still be able to migrate them at a later stage?
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