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A cool utility widget in the messaging æpp, state channel use-cases and a new team member! Check out the latest æpps team update.

æpps Update: Beginning of June It’s an extremely exciting time at æternity as we approach the Mainnet release.

We are making steady progress towards porting our æpps to the æternity blockchain. We will post a detailed update on this in the coming weeks, but in the meantime we’d like to update you on the following topics.

Messages æpp Utility Widget

We updated our Messages æpp to include a Utility widget, which adds a convenient way to access functionalities of other æpps. The widget works in the following way. The user has access to a utility button to the right of their input box. Tapping the button opens the functionality options available to the user from other æpps. Once the user clicks on an option they can pull information and complete a task from another æpp.

For example, tapping on the Transfer æpp icon opens up a contextual view, where the user can transfer tokens to the person they were chatting with (without having to enter their address or find them in the address book).

Once the transfer amount is specified and the user initiates the transaction a summary of the action is rendered back in the chat window. They can get an update on the status of the transaction by referring to this part of the chat.

3 Benefits of State Channels (With or Without Smart Contracts)

In the most simple terms State Channels work in the following way:

Two or more parties open a state channel. Each party enters the channel with a balance written onto the blockchain. The parties transact in the state channel. Their account balances are written onto the blockchain again at the closing of the channel and possibly periodically throughout making use of the channel. Every transaction has to be signed by all parties that are part of the channel.

The immediate benefit of using state channels (once two parties have established enough trust to open a...

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