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Question Regarding Pool Difficulty / Vardiff // Work Distribution & Luck

Question: Regarding odds of **Finding a Block** and not **Accepted Work/Hashes Submitted**. Giving the following two scenarios, would one mining config have an advantage over the other... 1.) Regardless of a coins difficulty, you mine in a pool and have your miners configured to use a constant pool difficulty of 5000. With this low setting, you will certainly have a high amount of accepted hashes. - Running a report after 24 hours of mining you have submitted 1000s of accepted work chunks. While many of the accepts are much higher than 5000, where the excess share value > 5000 goes to the pool and over time your share of the pool finding a block evens out: — Would the pool as a whole have a higher chance of finding a block given your miners have made more attempts to solve - period? 2.) You set your miner difficulty to 100000, thus you find less shares but have the bonus of less latency, requests for work, network lag etc. Again over time, your share value averages out, but: - Using this method your miners make less attempts to solve the next block. ***THAT SAID*** Regardless of setting your difficulty to 5000 or 100000, your miners will submit accepted shares with values all the way up or beyond the network difficulty (solving a block). A miner using a 5000 difficulty value can find a block just as a miner using a difficulty of 100000 can. Therefore, taking out of consideration your miners overall share/performance/return on the pool finding a block, wouldn’t using a lower difficulty such as 5000 give the pool an overall higher chance of finding a block considering your miners made 20x more attempts (averaging) to solve the next hash? Interested on hearing a more technical analysis of the above scenarios.
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