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A little confused about sending AEON

I recently posted that I started a pool, I wanted to send it some AEON from my personal balance as a cushion, so I sent it 1.0 AEON with a mix_in of 0, as I am not overly concerned about it being an anonymous transaction. This is also the first time I have ever sent AEON. It seems to have taken 4.0004 from my unlocked balance [wallet WmtnfA]: transfer 0 Wmtabz... 1.0 Money successfully sent, transaction [wallet WmtnfA]: balance balance: 17.458200468875, unlocked balance: 14.467800468875 [wallet WmtnfA]: refresh Starting refresh... Height 878061, transaction , received 0.090000000000 Height 878061, transaction , received 0.900000000000 Height 878061, transaction , received 2.000000000000 Height 878061, transaction , spent 0.000400000000 Height 878061, transaction , spent 4.000000000000 Refresh done, blocks received: 2 balance: 17.457800468875, unlocked balance: 14.467800468875 From what I can see here, it took 4.0004 to send 1 to another address, but also refunded 2.99. That would mean that the total cost was 1.014, with a fee of 0.014. A few blocks later and my unlocked balance matches my balance, and the other wallet recieved 1.0 as expected. That's fine, but can someone explain why it takes more, then refunds it? What would have happened if I only had a balance of say, 2 AEON, and tried to send 1?
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