Stolen BNB

self.binance1m ago
This is just a story that happened about 20 hours ago as of writing, I've used metamask since around January, and I have used it mostly to dip my toes in the world of crytpo, now I checked in today my wallet balance after login in on my metamask wallet and noticed that my BNB balance was 0, I proceded to check on bscan in case it was just a bug or a glitch... it wasn't turns out my BNB was transferred to another wallet (0x3a1b182b9EA644E393578955C061AA383a9302C7). 20 hours ago I was at work so I know there was no way of me doing this by accident hence the reason why I said it was stolen. While the amount stolen was mostly insignificant, about 9usd worth, it is still an annoyance having a balance of 0 since that makes me unable to pay fees until I buy more. Is there a lesson to learn from this? besides buying a hardware wallet... TXN hash is 0x83f8bbdf3c5bbcd7f8fc5e29796d5112b49a8221be21ca63ff661311421828da in case someone wants to see it, not sure if this would help anyone in anyway but yeh, just wanted to share o/