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What's New in 0x + Weekly Discussion Thread for 8/12/2018

## **Current Protocol Status** ###Total protocol volume for week of 8/5-8/11: **$20,632,335.28*** ###General Dev Updates * 0x v2 Live on Kovan test net--[dive today in with the new starter project here](https://github.com/dekz/0x-v2-beta-starter) * Audit 2 With Consensys Underway * Estimated main net launch of V2 in September ###[Latest Developer Post](https://blog.0xproject.com/development-update-11-july-2018-de9d1c0cd195) ###Other Recent Posts of Note * [New Community Welcome post](https://blog.0xproject.com/welcome-to-the-0x-community-9d99dfe0a52b) by /u/blake_hendo * [Update on 1-Click Trading Widget](https://www.reddit.com/r/0xProject/comments/95n88t/whats_the_word_on_0x_trade_widget/e3u65h6/) * [Clay Robbins Official](https://twitter.com/0xProject/status/1027649185523232768) ('sup Clay!) ###Developer Calls * [August](https://forum.0xproject.com/t/0x-developer-meeting-8-6-18/148) ____ ##**Ecosystem News** ###[Most Recent Relayer Report](https://blog.0xproject.com/relayer-report-7-nifty-v2-dev-tools-augur-order-books-2d332a2c298f) ###Other new and notable ecosystem developments from this week:** * Radar Relay on Token Daily * [Q&A](https://www.tokendaily.co/p/q-a-with-radar-relay) * [Article on Web 3 Companies vs Web 2 by RR CEO Alan Curtis](https://www.tokendaily.co/blog/building-companies-in-web-2-0-vs-web-3-0) * Lot's of good discussion at EthIndia this week. Check out [Lendroid's](https://twitter.com/lendroidproject) and [Dharma Protocol's feeds](https://twitter.com/DharmaProtocol)from the event * [Coincenter Interview with Bowen Wang of DDEX/Hydro](https://coincentral.com/bowen-wang-interview/?utm_campaign=bowen-wang&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter)*** ____ **Authors notes** Anything notable I missed? See any mistakes? Please comment below! > ^*Based ^on ^Data ^from ^0xTracker.com > > ^**Note, ^this ^particular ^list ^is ^basically ^just ^stuff ^I ^personally ^find ^interesting ^or ^notable ^from ^just ^the ^past ^week. ^That ^generally ^includes ^a ^pretty ^wide ^net ^in ^the ^0x ^and ^Ethereum ^ecosystem, ^but ^feel ^free ^to ^share ^your ^own ^developments ^in ^the ^comments ^if ^you ^feel ^there's ^anything ^I ^missed. > > ^***Disclosure: ^I ^do ^some ^freelance ^work ^for ^Hydro ^Protocol/DDEX
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Suddenly, 0x (ZRX) falls 25%

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