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Vote on ZEIP23 starting February 18! – 0x Blog

ZEIP-23: trade bundles of assets Vote on ZEIP23 with ZRX on February 18, 2019 Key Points MultiAssetProxy (MAP) is a smart contract that adds the ability to trade arbitrary bundles of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens via 0x protocol. MAP development is complete, the code has passed a security audit, but integration requires a “hot upgrade” to 0x smart contracts, which needs community oversight. As the final step in the ZEIP process, ZRX token holders will approve or reject the MAP integration via a token vote to begin February 18, 2019. If approved, the 0x version number will be bumped from v2.0 to v2.1. A centralized upgrade mechanism will be used to trigger these types of integrations until it is safe to transition to a more advanced binding on-chain governance system. ZEIP23 will be our first exercise in community governance; while the process is naive, the stakes are high. We encourage the community to take the process seriously and to commit to improving it with us over time. First, we need help establishing communication norms that ensure the community is fully informed before voting on a proposal. Preface

The 0x Improvement Proposal (ZEIP) process is a work in progress and will need to improve in practically every way. However, our first goal is to establish ZEIP communication guidelines that will lead to a well informed community. Describing interactions between complex systems of contracts leaves plenty of room for misunderstanding and miscommunication.    It’s easy to view Ethereum contracts as toys and, often, they are. Every week within the Ethereum community there is another wave of whimsical hackathon projects, flashy NFT items, and overt Ponzi schemes. These projects are genuinely fun to tinker with and inspire a great deal of creative innovation. 0x is also an exciting tool and catalyst for creative innovation, but 0x is not a toy. Modifying 0x protocol’s live system of contracts — which has access to large sums of digital assets — is a s...

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