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NEW: Mint & Auction your TIME with Microsponsors.io

Crypto is getting a new primitive today: Mint & Auction time slots as NFTs in our brand new marketplace built with the 0x Protocol. Get started here: [https://microsponsors.io/](https://microsponsors.io/) We're launching with Categories for: Freelancing, Podcasts, Events, Videos & Livestreams, Newsletters, Art, Charity and more... Once you're Registered you can create a time slot that will automatically go to auction via the 0x Protocol. Use the share link in your new token listing to Refer your potential Sponsors, and when we spin up the Referral program (pending 0x Protocol integration in Q2), you'll start earning passive income when they buy time slots (!) We also have the ability to Federate with other organizations, so if you'd like to run your own Marketplace + Registry, just drop a note to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Register here: [https://microsponsors.io/](https://microsponsors.io/) Join our Discord: [https://discord.gg/umnqyer](https://discord.gg/umnqyer) Follow on Twitter: [https://twitter.com/microsponsors](https://twitter.com/microsponsors) FAQ: [https://microsponsors.io/faq.html](https://microsponsors.io/faq.html) GitHub: [https://github.com/microsponsors](https://github.com/microsponsors) Read our think pieces on Medium: [http://medium.com/@microsponsors/](http://medium.com/@microsponsors/)
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