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Concerns and Questions

● Hi, I've recently been staking ZRX and I noticed something I'm not sure whether it's a glitch or me not quite understanding how this works. But when my staking pool rewards starts to accumulate over the month and then I stake more ZRX, it decreases the amount of rewards I have earned, despite me having enough Ether in my wallet to cover for staking fees, hopefully someone can enlightened me on this. ●My first question has to do with how much ZRX would I have to Purchase from Coinbase and then Stake on the 0x staking website in order to be able to receive 1 Ether each Epoch? ●My second question is will there ever be an app version for 0x Staking and Matcha?, I ask because this would make things much more simple for new users in the long run. Thanks for hearing me out.
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