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Community's thoughts on LeverJ's token/fee/staking structure in 0x

As the title implies, what are the 0x' community's thoughts on implementing leverj's fee structure in a relay? Although leverj isn't on mainnet yet, they've already released their token and staking contract. The way it basically works is that to trade on the exchange, you pay in FEE tokens, much like we pay ZRX on relays, except FEE tokens are generated by staking LEV tokens. I can see a relay implementing a similar structure, where they release their own token, RADARTOKEN for example, representing their relay (maybe as a DAO representing voting rights for that individual relay?) and those tokens would be sent to a staking contract, and holders staking said token would be distributed zrx tokens collected in fees by the relay. The relay could sell their tokens on their relay for some quick income to cover expenses/upgrades/etc and keep a portion for themselves so that they can keep collecting zrx fees off from relays, and to be able to sell in the future to fund future projects. They could even get creative and start to buy back their token using a portoin of the zrx fees generated when volume and/or price starts to drop.
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