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0x v3 questions

Been reading over v3 , interviews etc. Seems like the project is going in the right direction. Excited to see how it develops. Before going allin, I have a few questions maybe someone can help me better understand. I see the changes are made in general to help MM so they provide more liquidity. One issue I don't understand is. If MM must pay a fee every time they cancel an order. How will 0x be able to compete with a cex like binance that doesnt? It wil be costly for a MM to keep tight spreads and be moving orders around a lot. You think ZEIP-42(protocol fee) will compensate that enough and allow MM to cancel and move orders constantly? ZEIP-47 ERC20BridgeProxy . I don't think i fully understand this. Does this mean I will be able to open an order and have it get filled across all exchanges as my order price gets hit. Or would it be something more along the lines of 1inch or dex.ag. Will look for best price and market buy for me?
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