Tezos XTZ

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-$0.17915 -8.43%
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$1.40B -8.23%
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$1.84 - $2.13
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$199.70M -7.16%
52 Week Range
$0.68863 - $3.91
0.52% -0.05%
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ATH Date
December 17, 2017
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Days since ATH
1 day
-$0.17915 -8.43%
1 week
$0.261 15.48%
1 month
$0.06595 3.51%
3 months
$0.64606 49.68%
6 months
$1.02 110.27%
1 year
$0.92213 90.02%
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New Agora topic: Demystifying Fractal

Background of Demystification Series In the past years, there have been many academic publications on zero-knowledge proofs of argument schemes (zkPoKs, aka “ZKPs”). One of our goals at Metastate (ak...
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New Agora topic: Getting Tezos Back on Track

Executive Summary: It’s been several years since the launch of the Tezos community. Lots of progress has been made since Ryan has taken the reigns and the community thanks him for stepping up when un...
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New baker on the office: BITFINEX

Bitfinex is launching a staking service allowing EOS, Tezos, Cosmos, and V-Systems holders to generate passive income from proof-of-stake crypto assets held on...
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New Agora topic: Fixed Point Math

Fixed point math is important for DeFi applications that must perform bookkeeping with many repeated divisions while maintaining a reasonable bound on rounding errors. Ethereum has struggled with this...
XTZ -8.43% · forum.tezosagora.org · 6d

New Agora topic: Virtual Baker

I want to boost this idea from @murbard to add a “virtual baker” to the protocol that contracts can point at and be allocated rewards, either directly or by holding a token. It’s an alternative to my ...