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December 17, 2017
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$1.14 299.86%
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XTZ 0% · forum.tezosagora.org · 23h

New Agora topic: StakerDAO explainer

Hello all. We’ve been running the StakerDAO contract on the Tezos mainnet for nearly a month now, and our first governance cycle is wrapping up. I’ve written an explainer that gives you the details ...
XTZ 0% · tezos.foundation · 3d

Tezos Foundation Weekly Update: Week of 20 January 2020

Dear Tezos community, It was an exciting week for the Tezos ecosystem, as VC firm Andra Capital announced that it will launch its Silicon Valley Coin (SVC) on Tezos via TokenSoft’s issuance platform. ...
XTZ 0% · forum.tezosagora.org · 5d

New Agora topic: Lower self-bond requirement to 4%?

We have recently seen several bakers close down shop because of issues with the size of the self-bond. Currently, it’s close to 8-12% depending on what calculations you use. In reality, it’s more lik...
XTZ 0% · finance.yahoo.com · 6d

Andra Capital Uses Tezos

Today, Andra Capital, a San Francisco based venture capital firm, announced plans to issue Andra's Silicon Valley Coin (SVC) via a Security Token Offering (STO). Collaborating with the Tezos Foundatio...
XTZ 0% · forum.tezosagora.org · 6d

New Agora topic: Juvix Ingredients & Architecture

There should be a substantial bar to meet before electing to write a new language. After investigating many simpler approaches and developing distributed ledgers &amp; smart contracts ourselves, we’ve...
XTZ 0% · forum.tezosagora.org · 6d

New Agora topic: Latest Post section

Hi, the “Latest” Post section should somehow show the content (maybe a short preview) of the latest comment. Clicking into the topic and scrolling down to the latest answer is inconvenient. Or at ...