Tezos XTZ

$6.49 ฿0.00015
-$0.34133 -5.00%
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Market Cap
$5.60B -4.98%
Day's range
$6.37 - $7.07
24h Vol
$915.10M -31.24%
52 Week Range
$1.97 - $8.29
0.28% -0.01%
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Max Supply
All Time High
All Time High
ATH Date
December 17, 2017
% down from ATH
Days since ATH
1 day
-$0.34133 -5.00%
1 week
$0.66791 11.47%
1 month
-$0.0077 -0.12%
3 months
$3.86 147.16%
6 months
$2.15 49.45%
1 year
$4.14 176.18%
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Tezos NFTs: An Opinionated Guide

This week we spent some time diving into the Tezos NFT ecosystem - these are our notes. Getting Started Basically everything just works! Wallet Block Explorer Auction House You can obtain XTZ on all...
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Try the new Synth Swap DEX!

Synth Swap is a decentralized exchange for trading everything (crypto, stocks...) with no slippage and high liquidity on the efficient proof-of-stake Tezos blockchain built by SEXP.
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Tezos Commons: DNS.xyz has Acquired NFT Hunt

DNS.xyz is actively working on creating web3 profiles (a form of decentralized identification) for the Tezos network. Their service acts as a personalized identity/website for users, similar to…
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The ABCs of XTZ

Hey bestie, do you have a bag of  tezzie? Based on her tweets surrounding this project, it seems like hip hop star, Doja Cat certainly does. And I'm looking into it, for sure. But not because a celebr...
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Tezos Transactional Optimistic Rollup

The goal of this milestone is to bring a transactional Optimistic Rollup to Tezos. By transactional we mean that users can only send transfers to each other (so...