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$1.90B 2.13%
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$2.55 - $2.97
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$326.30M 40.80%
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$0.40686 - $3.91
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All Time High
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December 17, 2017
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1 day
$0.05736 2.11%
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-$0.90135 -24.55%
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3 months
$1.53 122.60%
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$1.61 137.87%
1 year
$2.35 562.49%
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XTZ +2.11% · eventbrite.com · 1w

Equisafe Platform goes live in New York City

Eventbrite - La French Tech NYC presents French Tech Night: Blockchain - Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at Consulat général de France à New York, New York, NY. Find event and ticket information.
XTZ +2.11% · forum.tezosagora.org · 1w

New Agora topic: Lost ICO password

Hi all, There is a group of about 200 + of us who are not able to retrieve the ICO funds due to lost passwords. I am launching this topic to see if there are any of the core developers on this group...
XTZ +2.11% · forum.tezosagora.org · 2w

New Agora topic: Enhancing Baking Accounts

This article was originally posted here on Cryptium’s Tezos Medium blog. Meanwhile at Cryptium Labs #2 Part 1: Enhancing Baking Accounts In May 2019, we published the first chapter of the Meanwhile ...
XTZ +2.11% · forum.tezosagora.org · 2w

New Agora topic: Upgrade for easier to read public keys

This is a problem generally for most hex encoded public keys but it seems to me that public keys on tezos should be able to have a “nickname” property. So my KT1 address has a nickname (eg @username),...
XTZ +2.11% · forum.tezosagora.org · 2w

New Agora topic: Block front running and tezos defi

Most blockchains have a common problem where blocks can be front run as the block producers/validators have full control on the ordering of transactions. If blocks can be front run, it is unlikely a ...
XTZ +2.11% · forum.tezosagora.org · 2w

New Agora topic: PSA: do not quote gas prices in tez

I’ve seen a few people describe the cost of invoking a contract in tez, they’ll say: “Sending a transaction to that contract costs 0.5 tez in gas”. This is a bad habit, here’s why: The point is gene...