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January 13, 2018
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Peercoin (or also known as PPC, PPCoin, or P2P coin) is the first hybrid Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stake (POS) cryptocurrency created by Sunny King. Peercoin was inspired from the Bitcoin codebase hence it inherits a lot of Bitcoin's technical implementation.Proof of Stake (POS) was introduce...

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Recent news
PPC +0.29% · · 2w

Peercoin release 0.6.4

Hello, while the work on the brand new branch is where the focus is recently we are still updating the 0.6 branch. Latest version can be described as &quot;bugfixes and polish&quot; as there is quit...
PPC +0.29% · · 3w

Pacli v0.4.5 released

Just tagged latest version of pacli. New features are: pacli coin sendto Docstring: send coins to address Usage: pacli coin sen...
PPC +0.29% · · 3w

Peercoin BetterDiscord Theme

Hey all, Made a Peercoin theme for BetterDiscord: You can preview the theme here: Let me know if you have any feedback. -Buckkets EDIT: Corrected link
PPC +0.29% · · 3w

Peercoin now trading on RuDEX!

Status of the gateway here: Markets:
PPC +0.29% · · 6w

Top Crypto News, Research & Analysis Sites

On this page, we gathered the top news, analysis & research sites for everything you need in the world of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ICOs, and more.
PPC +0.29% · · 6w

Finding mint date in advance

Getting to know in advance when to mint your Peercoins.
PPC +0.29% · · 13w

[article] The problem with the proof-of-work

The article if full of good quotes and explains the PoW networks quite well, I like the paragraph bellow: Let’s slip into an analogy for a moment: if mining is like a car race, then security is you...