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Revain’s intro to Crypto Cards

Crypto cards invade the consumer space, providing ease of use, secure transactions, and a convenient way to purchase cryptocurrencies from an ATM. Choosing the right card is simple using Revain’s Revi
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NXT is an open-source crypto-platform, with a decentralised, non-corporate structure. It shares many similarities with the Linux operating system, particularly in its support of the open-source ethos and organisational structures.The NXT core code was written in Java by the developer 'BCNext', with ...

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NXT price up +10% today

Get live charts for NXT (NXT) price, volume, market cap, supply, exchanges, historical statistics and key fundamentals. Change chart range, track developer and social activities, and compare NXT again...
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Jelurida’s Weekly Wins - February 15, 2019

Updated Product Roadmaps Underway; Load Testing Lab Setup; Jelurida Pitches in Lucerne; Ardor Interview Featured on CoinBureau; Ardor Javascript Wrappers Now on Github; Resource Roundup Is Entering Ph...
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A Beginners Guide To NXT Cryptocurrency

Founded in 2013, NXT is a ‘second generation’ blockchain platform that doubles as a cryptocurrency and also a payment network.
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Trade Recommendation: NXT

While we wait for Bitcoin (BTC/USD) to bottom out, let’s continue looking for altcoins that have established a clear short-term bottom. One that fits the category is NXT (NXT/BTC). This altcoin prin...
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AEUR - blockchain token backed by EURO | NXTER.ORG

BENEFITS OF BLOCKCHAIN WITHOUT THE PRICE VOLATILITY AEUR is designed to provide a quick and simple entry point into the crypto world Stablecoin? AEUR is a token backed 1:1 by the Euro. It’s the simple...
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GPS Token Economics

As well as being sold in the Triffic ICO, GPS Tokens are distributed to users of the Triffic App whenever they use it to...
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Nxt: An OG of the Cryptoverse

The cryptoverse came into being because of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin, dated 2009. Safe to say it is the father of all cryptos. And after that, the cryptoverse just kept on getting bigger and there…