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NuBits (NBT) are the world's first stable decentralized digital currency. One NuBit is designed to always be worth USD 1.00.NuBits was released on 23 September 2014 by a veteran group of Peercoin developers and community members led by Jordan Lee. It was developed from the same stable and secure cod...

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Recent news
USNBT -4.53% · · 88w

Here is where to buy US-NuBits and NuShares

NuBits exchanges, active trading pairs, and their target liquidity. :star: :white_check_mark: Indacoin :blank: :usnbt: :credit_card: Buy NuBits with MasterCard or VISA. :link: :st...
USNBT -4.53% · · 99w

World Congress on Nurse and Nurse Practitioners Conference

26th World Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Conference scheduled during September 25-26, 2019 at Hong Kong. Nurse Practitioner 2019 with CNE credits brings together Nursing professionals and Nurse prac...
USNBT -4.53% · · 162w

Add support for EU and Chinese-pegged nubits

Why now? Shareholders have already approved and directed that Chinese NuBits be created and supported in a motion passed some time ago. This was not yet implemented due to the high cost and complex...
USNBT -4.53% · · 176w

Park Your Nubits!

Hello people, please share or with everyone who&#39;s interested in profiting from park rates [:slight_smile:] It was quite a ...
USNBT -4.53% · · 181w

Grant proposal for major upgrade NuDroid (Android App)

Proposal for NuDroid upgrade It has been over a year ago when the previous large upgrade grant passed. The App has been stable and useful, but doing nothing is going backwards in this fast moving wor...
USNBT -4.53% · · 184w

60 NBT bounty to recover source text from old motions

Hey howdy hey there, I had a quick idea on my commute, so don&#39;t judge me if it turns out to be useless [:dromedary_camel:] Problem: There are a lot of motions that passed so far. Getting a qu...
USNBT -4.53% · · 187w

Now Hiring B&C Developer (C++)

We are hiring two additional C++ developers to move our completion date closer. The Senior C++ developers will be contributing to the B&amp;C Exchange core client, intended for use by B&amp;C shareh...