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January 13, 2018
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1 year
-$2.16 -93.49%

NAV Coin came about from Navajo Coin which came about as a result of the rebranding of SummerCoinv2. The name comes from the Navajo Code Talkers and there is no affiliation to the Navajo tribe. NAV Coin has been publicly traded since July 2014 and is traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges. N...

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NAV -6.08% · · 38w

NavPi Kowhai UX Flow And New NavCoin Core Page - NavCoin

This week the community and developers have been busy contributing to a range of NavCoin projects including NavPi, planning the upcoming NavCoin community website, and NavMorph. Now let’s take a close...
NAV -6.08% · · 40w

BIG potential for NAV in 2018

NAVCoin / Bitcoin (BITTREX:NAVBTC). Get more trading ideas from YuriyShepta. Follow market experts, get opinions and be heard! Join the largest trading & investing community on the planet.
NAV -6.08% · · 40w

NavCoin Is Vying for a Top Spot Next to Bitcoin!

There's no question that bitcoin is the top dog in the cryptocurrency world, and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. With the implementation of the lightning network, many of the issues ...
NAV -6.08% · · 41w

What Is NavCoin?

Even though there are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market today, it goes to show there is still a growing demand for more convenient solutions. NavCoin purports to provide that solution, as it...
NAV -6.08% · · 41w

NavCoin beginners guide :)

Nav Coin is a cryptocurrency that's private, fast, and easy to use. This article dives into how Nav Coin works and its potential applications.
NAV -6.08% · · 44w

Participate - Community-Driven Marketing Survey!

Hi Navers! In an effort to improve the communication between the community and the Nav Team, I decided to put together a survey as a lot of commentary on reddit and discord has evolved around market...
NAV -6.08% · · 45w

Noticias de la semana!

Esta semana hemos visto el lanzamiento exitoso de la actualización de la sub-cadena llamada NavTech y los servidores NavTech del equipo Core vuelven a estar en línea. El monedero Coinomi ha sido actua...
NAV -6.08% · · 45w

Short analysis of NavCoin and potentials.

Short analysis on Navcoin and it’s potentials NAV has been around for 3 years and has a market cap of $160m dollars. Price is just under […]
NAV -6.08% · · 45w

Top 7 Best Privacy Coins 2018

Discover the top 7 best privacy coins of 2018! Here's 7 picks for the best privacy cryptocurrencies of 2018 - including pros, cons and where to buy them...
NAV -6.08% · · 49w

Navcoin: The Crypto Project to Watch for 2018

As the crypto wave moved into first gear during 2017, I kept coming back to one project that now has me thinking it will gain much wider appeal in the upcoming